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Looking for something glamorous? Hilarious? Nerdy? Moving? Thought-provoking? Or maybe just plain dumb? Sucre has it all!
This is but a sample of what's on offer. For more options, or to commission an act, reach out via the contact page!
Aimez-vous le glamour? L'humour? La culture pop? Le drame? La réflexion? Les niaiseries? Sucre à la Crème a de quoi pour tous les goûts!
Cette liste n'est pas exhaustive - pour plus d'options, ou pour commander un numéro sur mesure, partagez votre vision avec Sucre via l'onglet «contact»!



YEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH! It's Sucre à la Crème's award-winning, punchline-filled, lipsynch-laden spoof of American crime drama/internet meme "CSI: Miami". There's been a murder; thankfully, Lt. Horatio Caine is on the case, armed with his cheesy one-liners and his Sunglasses of Justice, and he won't rest until the truth is... revealed.
This award-winning act features a custom voiceover (English only) over a special of edit of The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again".

Photos (L-R): Nerdlesque Festival, Courval Art & Photo, Honey Beavers

Baker Street

Sucre à la Crème is a vision in violet in this glamourous, award-winning "classic" strip set to a special edit of Gerry Rafferty's iconic "Baker Street".
Yup. That's it. Classic. Suuuper elegant. Nothing weird here! It's not like Sucre pulls saxophones out of her costume or anything. And she DEFINITELY doesn't crawl offstage playing a mic'd toy sax.
Sucre à la Crème vous présente une vision violacée! Ce striptease primé «classique» à haut glamour se danse sur un mix spécial de «Baker Street» du légendaire Gerry Rafferty.
C'est ça. Suuuper classique. Rien de bizarre. C'est pas comme si Sucre sort des saxophones de son costume à tour de bras et quitte la scène sur son dos en jouant un saxophone jouet amplifié.
Rien que du classique.

Photos (L-R): Kidd Gloves, Roger Gordy


A slow, passionate, Art Nouveau-infused act originally created for the Canadian Centre for Architecture's "Mound of Vendôme" vernissage. Sucre à la Crème embodies the moon, clad in a long, flowing ivory gown, star-studded cape, and convertible Mucha-inspired moon headdress.
Originalement créé pour le vernissage de l'exposition «Le monticule de Vendôme» au Centre canadien d’architecture, ce numéro lent et passionné est un hommage à l'Art nouveau. Sucre à la Crème incarne la lune, vêtue d'une longue toge ivoire, une cape étoilée et une coiffe inspirée par Mucha.

Photo: Tessa J. Brown



Shaking it to Shakespeare! Baring it for the Bard! Sucre à la Crème gets literary with this ridiculous take on "Twelfth Night"'s antagonist!
Convinced by Maria's letter that Lady Olivia has fallen for him, the arrogant Malvolio happily sheds his somber wardrobe for yellow stockings and cross-garters. Anticipation and anachronisms abound, including opulently rhinestoned yellow sunglasses, a catwalk strut and LMFAO's hit song "Sexy And I Know It".

Photo: Penny Romanoff